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Packing 5200

Material: fluoroplast (PTFE) fibre impregnated with silicone oil.

Purpose of packing PS 5200: used in vane, plunger pumps, food industry. Also used in chemical industry, electric and thermal stations. Packing 5200 is recommended for sealing of equipment operating with chemistry, in power plants, power and heating plants, in piston pumps.

Maximum pressure:

  • centrifugal pump: 15 bar 
  • plunger pump: 150 bar
  • reinforcement: -

Min temperature: -200 °C

Max temperature: 280 °C 


  • centrifugal pump: 10 m/s
  • plunger pump: 2 m/s

pH: 0 - 14

Square section: 4 - 25 mm

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