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PVC hoses with PVC cord

Hoses are produced during extrusion from vinyl compounds by following the standard of UNE-EN ISO 3994.


  • Flexible hose is produced from transparent PVC with solid PVC spiral that protects the hose against sudden change in: temperature, tension, and etc.
  • Smooth internal walls of the tube helps to avoid occurrence of sediments and improves hose sterilisation.
  • Resistant to atmospheric action and to most of chemicals.
  • Operating temperature: from -10 oC to +60 oC.

Scope of application:

Transportation of drinking water, light alcohol containing (up to 28 % vol.) and low-fat liquids. They suit for sanitary installations. They also suit not only for suction but also for transfer of pressure, e. g., in irrigation systems.

Available diameters:

Diameter (internal x external, mm) Length (m) Operating pressure (Bar)
19x26 50 8
20x27 50 8
25x32 50 8
32x39 50 7
38x46 50 6
45x53 50 6
50x58 50 5
60x68 50 5
65x74 50 5
75x84 50 4
90x100 30 4
100x111 30 4
125x138 30 3
150x164 20 3
200x217 20 2

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