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Transparent PVC hoses with textile cord

Hoses are produced during extrusion from vinyl compounds and reinforced by using a mesh of polyester sutures.


  • Non-toxic, suitable for transportation of food and beverage, except for fats.
  • Internal polyester suture mesh strengthens the hose so that it withholds pressure of up to 15 bars and enhances resistance to breaks upon tension.
  • Very flexible and simple to use.
  • Transparent for transported materials to be visible.
  • Resistant to atmospheric action and chemical products.
  • Temperature threshold varies from -10 oC to +60 oC.

Scope of application:

Transfer of liquid food or industrial products, air, gas, compressed air, and etc. Also suits for agricultural applications.

Available diameters:

Diameter (internal x external, mm) Length (m) Operating pressure (Bar)
6x12 100 15
8x13 100 15
10x15 100 15
12x17 100 15
13x18 100 15
15x23 100 15
16x21 100 15
19x25 100 10
25x33 50 10
30x38 50 7
32x40 50 7
38x48 50 6
50x60 50 5

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