CHAIRMAT for smart floor protection

These chairmats are made of Polycarbonate for maximum strength and durability. Polycarbonate is an environmental friendly material that is 100% recyclable and are also free from smell and do not contain any PVC.

Polycarbonate does also have higher temperature resistance compared to PVC, which makes it suitable for floor heating and gives less risk for burn marks of cigarettes, ashes etc.

To avoid sliding, the chairmats either are equipped with an anti-slip bottom surface for floors or with spikes for carpets. 


  • Standard size: 900x1200 mm
  • Thickness: 1,7-1,8 mm
  • Available Colors: Clear or Brown (Bronze)


  • Under office chair to avoid marks on the floor and to simplify chair movement
  • To protect the floor or a carpet from wetness and dirt
  • Under a barbeque to protect the floor from ash or glowing coal.
  • To simplify the cleaning after small children having breakfast.
  • Entrance areas
  • To prevent water from destroying the floor under a Christmas tree or a flower.

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