Conveyor chains

Iwis supplies a wide variety of chains according to standards DIN 8165 and DIN 8167. Various modified chain versions, based on standard ELITE conveyor chains gives many additional application possibilities.

We supply a wide range of top-quality accumulation chains:

  • Bush conveyor chains according to DIN 8167 (M Series) and  BS 4116 (Z Series)  
  • Carrier chains with rollers according to DIN 8167 (MT Series)
  • Hollow pin chains according to DIN 8168 (MC Series)  and DIN 8165 (FVC Series)
  • Hollow pin conveyor chains according to BS 4116 (ZC series)
  • Scraper chains according to DIN 8165/DIN 8167
  • Conveyor chains for the paper industry
  • Rotary chains

Industries and applications:

  • Wood processing
  • Steelmaking industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Bulk goods transport
  • Recycling industry and much more besides

Rotary chains were developed primarily for chain drive applications involving extremely heavy loads or particularly adverse operating conditions. Chains of this type are particularly resistant to violent shocks, wear, and extreme operating conditions, and have consequently enjoyed increasing success in a wide range of applications in recent years.

Industries and applications:

  • Excavators
  • Caterpillar track vehicles
  • Drilling rigs and much more besides

Since only a small minority of chains used in the industry are totally compliant with one specific standard, ELITE conveyor chains are custom-made to a specific customer order and consequently fulfill a large number of special requirements.

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