Acrylic Desktop Protective Shield 150x1200x900 mm

We offer protective acrylic glass shield against direct contact with the customers.

These protective screens are made of the solid acrylic glass sheet. The stiffness edges of the screens are made using a special bending technology without the use of glue, which makes these screens even stronger. Can be easily placed on any workbench or checkout counter. Special suction cups are installed at the bottom of the protective wall, so this screen can be easily attached to any flat surface and, if necessary, easily removed.


  • High light transmittance rate: 92 %(clear);
  • Easy to maintain and to clean;
  • Twice as light as glass;
  • 100 % recyclable after use;
  • Does not contain carcinogenic substances;
  • Direct contact with food is allowed.

Wall dimensions: 

  • 4mm acrylic glass;
  • 150x900x1200 mm;


For protection against direct contact with the customers in stores, pharmacies, beauty salons or other places where staff have direct contact with customers.

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