Acrylic XT (PMMA) sheets produced by extrusion

Acrylic XT (PMMA) sheets is one of the most widely used in promotional materials produced by extrusion. Characterized by excellent optical properties, UV resistance, durability, easy to process mechanically, easily formed. Used for interior and exterior.


  •      High light transmission rate: 92 percent. (Clear)
  •      Tractable, flexed, is formed;
  •      Easily glued, polished;
  •      A double lighter than glass;
  •      100 % processing after primary application;
  •      No carcinogenic substances;
  •      Permissible direct contact with food.


  •      Thickness: 1.5 to 50 mm, standard: 1.5 to 30 mm
  •      Width: 1000 - 2050 mm Standard 2050 mm
  •      Length: 600 - 6000 mm Standard 3050 mm
  •      Colors: transparent, white, opaque, black, red, green, and so on. Vol.


  •      Production of advertising: a light box, a variety of advertising stands;
  •      Furniture, Lightings manufacturing;
  •      Interior decoration.

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