Plaited metal (steel) conveyor belts

Amongst other conveyor belts (PVC, PU, rubberised, and cotton), we offer metal (steel) belts. They are produced from standard, stainless, and high temperature resistant steel.

Metal (steel) conveyor belts feature the following characteristics:

  • Unlimited scope of application for belts.
  • High belt surface openness (up to 85 %).
  • Easy belt cleaning.

Belt 0100 - it is produced from flat profile wire.

Application: ceramics industry, glass industry, bread furnaces, metal foundry lines, and refrigeration installations.

Belt 0200 - it is produced from round profile wire.

Application: bread furnaces, food industry installations, vegetable and fruit washing installations, metal annealing lines.


Belt 0300 - it is produced from widely plaited flat profile wire.

Application: ceramics industry, packing machines, wood processing industry (plywood drying).


Belt 0400 - it is produced from widely plaited spiral wire.

Application: glass industry, bread baking industry, treatment installations, metalworking industry.


Belt 0500 - it is produced from plaited spiral wire.

Application: metalworking industry, founding.


Belt 0600 - it is produced from plaited wire bars.

Application: food industry (for drying, treatment / washing, refrigeration installations, for production of sweets and chocolate), electronics industry, and treatment plants.


Belt 0700 - it is produced from wire pieces.

Application: treatment plants, packing machines, drink production lines, vegetable and fruit washing installations.


Belt 0800 - it is produced from transverse wire bars.

Application: bread baking industry (bread product cooling lines).

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