DiamondPRISM prismatic acrylic glass

DiamondPRISM - highest quality organic glass solution for interior lighting systems implementation.

This diamond - prismatic structure of the PMMA glass is characterized by a steady light distribution and reduction in reflectance, which improves visual comfort.
Despite that prism edges are very precise and uniform, as compared with the conventional prism sheets, DiamondPRISM does not have a pre-formed breaking point, which allows light to evenly distribute flow - protect against direct glare of light.


  • Excellent lighting for workstations
  • Homogeneous glare reduction in all levels
  • Unique transmittance
  • No direct lamp image visible
  • Due to inverse structure
    • no predetermined breaking points (in material with low wall thickness)
    • no additional mounting plate required
  • Homogeneous look due to unidirectional structure
  • Individually tinted designs ensure optimum glare reduction at a high efficiency level
  • Optimised lighting technology due to well-defined lamp direction.
  • Light transmission: 94,5 %


  • Illumination for workstations
  • Large-scale ceiling lighting constructions
  • Combined use with other profiles in one lamp cover
  • Overall glare reduction with only one sheet


  • Wall thickness: 2 mm
  • Width: up to 1350 mm
  • Length: max. 3050
  • According to special order we can offer 3 and 4 mm thick sheets.

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