Polyethylene terephtalate (PET)

Polyethylene terephthalate - it is mechanically solid, rigid, and solid plastic bearing high mechanical loads and pressure. Chemical name – PET, otherwise polyester, or lavsane.

This plastic features very low and stable friction coefficient, thus its wear-cycle is longer, if to be compared to PA or POM. In comparison to polyacethal, PET plastic may work under higher temperature and is more resistant to various acids. It does not absorb moisture, thus stability of dimensions is retained during the process of production.

It is noteworthy that PET plastic is not durable in case of sudden impacts (cracks may occur, especially under temperatures below zero) and it is not recommended for work in hot water (over +60 oC) and steam. Polyester decomposes in these mediums.

PET plastic may be produced with various additives, plastic with additive of solid lubricant (PTFE) is very popular. This type of plastic is called self-lubricating, id. est., in comparison to conventional PET, this plastic features significantly higher friction, abrasion, and friction resistance.


  • Low thermal expansion coefficient;
  • Good stability of dimensions;
  • Good mechanical workability, may be used in contact with foodstuffs;
  • Particularly high hardness, rigidity, and strength;
  • Good electro-insulation and high resistance to wear;
  • Good dielectric characteristics;
  • Sufficiently resistant to pressure;
  • Very low moisture absorption;
  • Resistance to lubricants, fuel, acetone, low concentration acids, water up to +40 oC, and other chemicals;
  • Non-resistant to some alkalis, e. g., caustic soda;
  • Colour: natural (whitish to greyish), black, grey, and other.

Technical data:

  • Density:
    • 1.38g/cm3
    • 1.44 g/cm3 (self-lubricating)
  • Operating temperature: from -20 oC to +115 oC;
  • Short-term operating temperature: up to +180 oC;
  • Moisture absorption: less than 0.3 %.

Scope of application:

Its is used in mechanics, for production of medical inventory, in industries of electricity and electronics, food, wheeled motor vehicles, and others, including particularly widespread use for production of precisely accurate parts.

Rings, gears, bearings, wheels, levers, parts for pumps, dispensers of various substances, bolts, pistons, and valves, control disks, parts for measurement equipment are produced. Handles, plug and socket adapters, frame components, guiding rolls for fibre, dough distribution heads, and other elements are also produced.

PET is used for production parts on which high loads are applied such as rotating sleeves, heads, elements of wind turbines, guiding rolls, and sliding sleeves.



Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Diameter, Ø (mm)



610; 620; 1,000

2,000; 3,000





1,000; 3,000


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