Glass-fibre fabrics coated with silica

Glass-fibre fabrics coated with silica – it is a high temperature insulation material that retains it characteristics for a long time even under the action of temperature up to 1,000 °C. Glass-fibre fabrics coated with silica feature low thermal conductivity, high resistance to thermal shock, and great electrical insulation characteristics.

Glass-fibre fabrics coated with silica are great substitutes for asbestos. Fire protection cloths are produced from glass-fibre fabrics coated with silica PP – 600 are intended for liquidation of local points of fire.


  • Great substitutes of asbestos;
  • Fabric density varies from 120 g/m2 to 1,000 g/m2;
  • Type of fabric: sateen 8/3; sateen 7/1 (PS-1000V);
  • Tensile strength limit accounts for no less 800 N, 1,400 N (PS-1000V);
  • Decrease of mass in case of fire: 7-12 %;
  • Operating temperature ranges up to 1,000 oC.


Purpose Width, mm Thickness, mm Max. temp. oC
Silica fabric with vermiculite PS-600 V Thermal insulation and protection during  welding works 935 0,72 1000
Silica fabric with vermiculite PS-1000 V Thermal insulation    935 1,3 1000
Fire protection cloth PP-600 Liquidation of small-scale points of fire (set includes 2 pairs of gloves) 1500x2000 0,72 1000


One of the main sectors for application of glass-fibre fabric coated with silica is production of welding blankets, fire protection blankets, shields and curtains, including protection cloth for protection against the action of high temperature. Additionally, this fabric is intended for protection of furnaces and turbines. Protection shields are produced for protection against spatter of liquid metal, sparks, and heat.


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