Aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels have been known worldwide for many years. They are very popular both amongst construction and architecture companies and are also widely used in advertising production.

Aluminium composite panels are panels, containing a middle layer made of low density polyethylene (PE) or an inflammable material based on aluminium hydroxide. This layer is covered by aluminium in both sides.

The coating may be of standard (silver, white, black etc.) or specific (all according to RAL, wood imitation, stone imitation etc.) colour. Single-sided or double-sided coating of a panel is possible (see image).



  • Thickness: 2 - 6 mm, standard: 2 - 3 mm;
  • Width: 1000 - 1575 mm, standard: 1220 mm and 1500 mm;
  • Length: max 5700 mm, standard: 3100 mm and 4050 mm;
  • Aluminium layer: 0.2 - 0.5 mm, standard: 0.21 mm.


  • Flat surface, variety of textures and colours;
  • Variety of panel dimensions: width may vary from 1000 mm to 1575 mm Length may be chosen according to the need up to 5700 mm;
  • Easy processing: may be easily cut, milled and bended Direct printing jobs may be carried out on top of it;
  • Low expansion and shrinkage coefficient: the dimensions remain stable even at high temperature differences (-50oC to +80oC);
  • Strong structure of material: the panels shall not deform or stratify while cutting, milling or bending;
  • High resistance to environmental impact: the surface is covered by high quality polyester paint protecting from UV radiation and complying with (ECCA) requirements;
  • Especially firm and light (see image).


Intended use:

  • Advertising boards;
  • Light advertisements;
  • Advertising stands;
  • Advertising panels;
  • Interior accessories.
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