SAN or styrene acrylonitrile refers to transparent plastic sheets that are characterised by various properties bur are valued mostly because of their high chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

SAN sheets are usually produced with UV protection from sunlight, which ensures their durability and stability of optical properties using outside for many years.


  • Good optical properties;
  • Firm enough;
  • May be easily processed and formed;
  • Low thickness tolerances;
  • High resistance to chemicals: low concentration acids, oil, bleaches, some kind of solvents and low concentration alkali solutions;
  • May be used both inside the premises and outside;
  • Permissible direct contact with food (in sheets without UV stabilisers).


  • Thickness: 2 - 5 mm;
  • Width: 2050 mm;
  • Length: 3050 mm;
  • Colours: transparent, transparent anti-reflective.


  • Door glazing;
  • Covers of food products;
  • Advertising stands;
  • Swimming pool covers;
  • In DIY stores;
  • Luminaire production.
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