Canopy for entrance doors

These protective canopies are easily applied to structures of various types.

The canopy of this type are light, elegant and do not obstruct light. 
The canopy may be mounted over entrance doors, terraces and balconies.
The construction allows to join the canopies together. In this way, the construction can be extended to a required size.
The canopy cover is made of polycarbonate (PC). This material is light and resistant to shock and atmospheric impact.

Manufacturer provides PC covering with 10 years warranty.


  • Width: 1500 mm or 1000 mm
  •  Depth: 980 mm or 1500 mm
  • UV resistant
  • Hail resistant

Canopy construction:

Side holders (aluminium or plastic, optionally)
Rails: 2 psc (aluminium)
Roof coverage: 1 pc (transparent, toned, ducted, optionally)

Canopy assembly guide:

1. Ducted or monolithic polycarbonate (PC) panel;
2. Front fixing rail;
3. Side holders;
4. Rear fixing rail;
5. Wall mounting bolts (4 psc);
6. Rubber sealing profile for rails or breathing tape;
7. Rubber sealing profile for holders;
8. Bolts for fixing side holders to rails (2 psc).

Note: Rubber sealing profiles No. 6 and No. 7 are used only with polycarbnate solid sheets.
For sealing ends of ducted PC, breathing tape or silicone is used.

Assembly instructions: click here

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