Polycarbonate system Click 16

It is so simple and easy - mount with a click!

Simple, fast and cost effective: CLICK 16 is a polycarbonate system used for sheds, car shelters, terraces, attics, winter gardens, green houses etc.

  • Convenient and fast mounting
  • Guaranteed tightness
  • Firm and shock resistant
  • Durable
  • High permeability of light
  • UV resistant

The system is so easy that requires no specialists or complicated tools - you can do it yourself.

It is easy for user to mount this cost effective covering quickly. Mounting will not require additional expenses for tools. All you need is cut the panel to get a proper length (we can help you to do that), seal panel ends with condensation film and specific profiles, which will ensure protection from dust and water, screw the first panel to rail with bolts, pinch it with the second panel etc. until your roof will be completed.

Technical data:

  •  Thickness: 16 mm
  •  Width: 250 mm
  •  Length: 7000 mm; 8000 mm
  •  Weight: 2,4 kg/m2

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 2.1 W/m2oK

Colour - permeability of light:

  •  Transparent (frost) - 80%
  •   Bronze (frost) - 70%

Recommended minimal inclination: 5%

Click 16 system features 16 mm thickness and 4W structure, which ensures firmness of panel even at high loads, as well as high thermal conductivity coefficient.

Click 16 polycarbonate panels have UV protection, which guarantees durability of the panel and stability of its appearance. Specific panel colour "frost" holds direct sunlight, therefore both the panel and outdoor furniture will not be exposed to sun for a long time.

As plastic changes its dimensions when exposed to temperature, while mounting common polycarbonate panels, users often encounter a problem when humidity and dirt reaches mounting places of panels. Then aesthetic appearance and thermal insulation properties get worse. Click 16 polycarbonate system perfectly copes with this problem, because while mounting these panels, they are not damaged, and fixing elements are hidden.

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