PMMA Perspex GS

Perspex GS acrylic glass (PMMA) - is one of the most widely used promotional materials produced by casting. It has excellent optical characteristics, durability, UV resistance, it can be used in internally and externally. It is also easily processed (cutting, drilling, milling, bending, thermoforming).

The highest quality PERSPEX production is well known in Europe for its design, innovation, manufacturing capabilities. A wide choice of colors will suit every customer's needs. The company gives a 10-year warranty.


  •     Weather resistant, suitable for making outdoor billboards, the panels produce;
  •     Exclusive optical brightness and lightness;
  •     Complete lighting control - transparent, translucent, opaque;
  •     Depending on the organic glass surface treatment can be generated is different visual effect;
  •     It is easily formed;
  •     Very durable material with a hard surface;
  •     Easy cleaning with soap and water;
  •     100% recyclable material.


  •     Thickness: 1.5 to 25 mm
  •     Width x Length: 2030 x 3050 mm
  •     Colors: transparent, white, opaque, black, red, green, etc.


  •     Often replaces the glass, especially where required greater protection against breakage;
  •     Various systems for the production of shelves;
  •     Advertising production: a light box, a variety of advertising stands;
  •     Furniture;
  •     Lamps and chandeliers;
  •     Interior solutions;
  •     Exhibition stands and commercial software systems in production.

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