Perspex® Spectrum LED: illuminating colour
Perspex Spectrum LED is a specialist acrylic sheet with optimised colour performance created to meet the needs of today's sign market.

Maximum Impact
Perspex® Spectrum cast acrylic sheet enables sign makers, specifiers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LEDs and create elegant solutions that are cost and eco-efficient, whilst enhancing intensity and colour.

The Right Specification

  • Consistency — bold intense colour in daylight and when illuminated
  • Even illumination — excellent diffusing power
  • White light formula — optimised for use with white LEDs
  • Colours — 11 standard colours to choose 
  • Flexibility — Designed for LEDs, can also be used with alternative light sources
  • Aesthetics — Slim designs with bright even illumination
  • Reliability — Perspex® 10 year guarantee

Perspex® Spectrum is not only for signs, it is the ideal material for any illuminated application including point of purchase, directional systems, interior designs and architectural pieces.

Product Range

  • Standard Thickness: 3mm
  • Standard sheet size: 3050 x 2030mm
  • Other sizes and thicknesses available on request

11 popular corporate imaging hues to choose from:

1TL1 Opal

1TL2 Opal

4TL3 Red

4TL2 Red

2TL1 Yellow

2TL2 Yellow

6TL1 Green

6TL2 Green

3TL1 Orange

7TL1 Blue

4TL1 Pink



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