Protective wall/shield between workplaces, customers

With the growing need for protective equipment, at the moment we are offering protective multiwall polycarbonate shields witch are easy to place between workplaces and customers.

These walls can be used in hairdressing salons, pharmacies, hotels, receptions, schools, offices and other workplaces according to your need, where employees don't have a separation between workplaces. Also used to ensure the required distance between customers in cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments.

These protective screens made of multiwall polycarbonate consist of three parts (two metal legs and the main part) which are easily assembled together. The 16 mm polycarbonate is extremely strong and does not swing when placed on the legs.


  • Good protection against UV rays and weathering;
  • The multilayer structure provides not only excellent thermal insulation but also acoustic properties;
  • Hard, durable, lightweight;
  • Good optical transparency - transmits up to 65% of light;
  • High impact resistance (difficult to break);


  • 16 mm clear multiwall polycarbonate
  • 900x2000 mm 
  • 980x2000 mm

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