Rubber parking curb - wheel stop

Parking curb - a wheel stop used in parking lots, underground garages, pedestrian areas, etc. The curbs help to maintain clear boundaries of parking spaces and to protect the walls of buildings from possible damage. One curb, for one parking space.
Made of recycled rubber and a high-quality polyurethane blend. The curb is marked with light-reflecting elements on both sides. Easy installation. Fastened with 4 screws to asphalt, paving, concrete, etc.


  •  The light-reflecting white stripes are well visible in the dark;
  •  The parking curbs are resistant to impacts, abrasion, road salt, weather changes;
  •  One curb, for one parking space.


  • Length: 1800 mm
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Height: 100 mm

The parking curb is attached to the pavement with anchor expansion bolts of 120-140 mm length and 16 mm in diameter.


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