Ceramic fibre paper

Ceramic fibre paper is a ceramic fibre based non-woven fabric made using a special paper production process when ceramic fibres are washed. This is inorganic material with additives of organic adhesive that is easily cut and laid on uneven surface. Often used as a replacement for asbestos and kaolin wool for high temperature electrical insulation.


  • Stability: exposed to high temperature, the paper does not change its properties;
  • Low thermal conductivity and heat saving (reliable fire protection);
  • High heat reflection;
  • High dielectric strength;
  • High resistance to corrosion;
  • May be easily wound, formed and cut;
  • Operating temperature: up to + 1260 oC;
  • Density: 200 kg/m3.

Ceramic fibre paper is widely used solving problems related to thermal insulation:

  • Thermal insulation, gaskets, sealing, separator, lining and resistance to high temperature and chemicals;
  • Fire safety, protection from spark and molten metal;
  • High temperature electrical insulation;
  • High temperature filtration;
  • Hot gas storage;
  • Insulation of chimney and other fireplace parts;
  • Filling of compensating stitches in fire resistant deckings;
  • Thin layer insulation of heating equipment and thermal ovens.


Thickness: 3 mm

Roller width: 1220 mm

Roller length: 20000 mm

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