Fabric compensators

Fabric compensators of various sizes and forms made of temperature resistant glass fibre coated with silicon rubber.

Silicone coating fiberglass fabric is made with the basal material of high temperature resistant fiberglass fabric and silicone rubber by follow-processing. It is a compound material with high quality of performance. It has been widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, large generating electricity equipment, machinery, metallurgy, electric insulation, construction and other fields.


  • in power plants, gas turbine installations, cement works and many other industries;
  • designed for smoke ducts, hot ashes collection lines, chemical industry equipment;
  • for joints between vibrating installations;
  • suitable for various media: air, smoke, dust.

Temperature: from -50 ºC  to +250 ºC

We make sizes and forms according to the dimensions provided by clients.

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