Gaskets made of non-asbestous synthetic fibre jointing sheets. Used for sealing of stationary and demountable joints in various media: water, steam, gas, oil products, salt solutions, nitrogen, acids etc.

Intended use:

Use at high temperatures and high pressures, as well as high pressure and temperature fluctuations.

In our warehouse, we regularly have standard dimension gaskets in stock:

  • gaskets for flanges made of jointing sheet TEMASIL according to DIN 2690 (thickness: 3.0 mm)

In our warehouse, we have the following: Dn 15 - Dn 300, Pn 16 - Pn 40.

  • gaskets made of jointing sheet NAM 39 according to PN-87/H-74731 (thickness: 3.0 mm)

In our warehouse, we have the following: Dn 15 - Dn 200, Pn 16.

Graphite gaskets

These gaskets are made of reinforced graphite sealing material that is particularly resistant to steam and aggressive media. Highly stable, used at high temperatures.

Intended use:

In aggressive media, at high and low temperatures, in heat exchangers etc.

In our warehouse, we regularly have the following: Dn 15 - Dn 300, Pn 16 - Pn 40.

We also offer twisted spiral gaskets.

Working conditions:

  • pressure up to 250 bar;
  • temperature: from -200 °C to + 550 °C.


  • Sealing part is composed of stainless steel tape, twisted with soft lining.
  • Metal V form tape provides the gasket with elasticity, and sealing lining ensures tightness.
  • Because of these two components, twisted spiral gaskets are mostly suitable in case of high pressure and temperature changes.
  • External ring is designed for aligning of the gasket with flange and protects the gasket against "inflation".
  • For lining usually thermally extended graphite or fluoroplast (PTFE) is used.

Depending on the type of flange, twisted spiral gaskets may have or not have inner and alignment ring.

We produce gaskets of various dimensions using jointing sheets offered in our range.

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