Non-asbestos jointing sheets TEMACID

TEMACID are acid resistant high quality jointing sheets (paronite, paranite, gasket sheets) made of several types of fibre and special bonding material. 

These sheets are used for production of gaskets where resistance to chemicals, acids (nitric acid 20 %, sulphuric acid 65 %), alkalis, sodium hydrochloride is necessary. Also suitable for use in steam systems and oil production industries. 

Colour: light grey

Standard dimensions of sheets: 1.5 x 1.0 m

Standard width: 3.0 mm

Thickness deviation:  ± 5 %

Marking according to:

DIN 28 091-2: FA-A-4Z-0

ASTM F 104: F 712 122 M5 

Max temperature: 200 °C

Operating temperature: 150 °C

Max pressure: 130 bar

Certificates: GOST

All sheets are made with single-sided anti-static surface.

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