Non-asbestos jointing sheets TEMAGRAPH TI

TEMAGRAPH TI refers to graphitic jointing sheets (paronite, paranite, gasket sheets) with perforated steel tin inside the sheet. Graphite layers are not bonded. 

Such graphitic sheets are usually used for joints of pipework and various machinery. Especially suitable for use in steam systems, chemical and oil (gasoline, diesel) recycling industries. 

Colour: black

Standard dimensions of sheets: 1.5 x 1.5 m 

Standard width: 0.4; 0.5; 0.8; 1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 3.0; 4.0; 5.0 mm

Thickness deviation:  ± 5 %

Marking according to:

DIN 28 091-4: GR-10-O-1 M-Cr

Max temperature: 450 °C

Operating temperature: -200 to 450 °C

Max pressure: 140 bar

Certificates: DVGW, BAM

All sheets are made with single-sided anti-static surface.

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