Packing 5410

Material: Packing is made of fluoroplast (PTFE) with encapsulated graphite.

Purpose of packing 5410: used in vane, plunger pumps. Also used in chemical industry, electric and thermal stations. Suitable for use in petrochemical and chemical industry and papermills. Suitable for sealing installation and equipment in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil refining and food processing industries, especially in the chemical departmens of the power supplying industry, etc.

Maximum pressure:

  • centrifugal pump: 20 bar 
  • plunger pump: 150 bar
  • reinforcement: 200 bar

Min temperature: -100 °C

Max temperature: 280 °C 


  • centrifugal pump: 10 m/s
  • plunger pump: 2 m/s

pH: 0 - 14

Square section: 4 - 25 mm

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