Packing 6500

Graphite impregnated PTFE packing has better resist cautery capabilit and effective heat exchange capability. Perfect self-lubrication. Packing 6500 is widely used in sealing pump shaft, in sealing water/steam/solvents for agitators/mixers/autoclaves and centrifugal pumps ect.

Material: thermally extended graphite impregnated with PTFE.

Purpose: used for sealing of pistons, pressure vessels in chemical and oil industries. 

Maximum pressure:

  • centrifugal pump: 20 bar 
  • plunger pump: 100 bar
  • reinforcement: 300 bar

Min temperature: -200 °C

Max temperature: 280°C


  • centrifugal pump: 20 m/s
  • plunger pump: 2 m/s

pH: 0 - 14

Square section: 4 - 30 mm

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