Packing 6200

Packing 6200 is braided throughout of expanded graphite-yarn, in which each thread is reinforced with inconel wire.

Material: thermally extended graphite with inner wire.

Purpose: suitable for use in high temperature, steam and lubricant conditions. Intended use: in thermal and electric stations, recycling plants, chemical industry and in places where inert gas reach 1000 °C.

Maximum pressure:

  • centrifugal pump: 30 bar 
  • plunger pump: 250 bar
  • reinforcement: 500 bar

Min temperature: -220 °C

Max temperature: 450 °C (gas) and 650 °C (steam)


  • centrifugal pump: 5 m/s
  • plunger pump: 2 m/s

pH: 0 - 14

Square section: 4 - 25 mm

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