Thermal insulation batting

Thermal insulation batting (also known as thermal batting,  thermal insulation wool, mat) is used as insulating and filtrating material at temperatures up to 1260 oC.

Particularly suitable for intermittent operation ovens, but may be used successfully for other types of ovens: for external oven insulation, sealing of oven joints, filtration at high temperatures.

Also suitable for insulation of oven trolleys, as covering material in thermal treatment of metals, for production of protective partitions and screens, for insulation of temperature reactors (also in power stations, including nuclear power stations), as replacement for asbestos (this material does not have carcinogenic effect).

Roller dimensions (thickness x width x length):

  • 13x610x14400 mm
  • 20x610x9000 mm
  • 30x610x7200 mm
  • 30x610x7320 mm
  • 50x610x3660 mm

Thermal wadding properties and technical data:

Operating temperature:

Long term
Short term


1100 - 1150 oC
up to 1260 oC

Fibre thread thickness​

up to 5 µm

Moisture​ max 1.0 % of weight
Colour​ greyish white

Linear elongation
when heating 4 h at temperature up to 1200 oC

3 % max

Chemical composition​:
Al 2O3 + ZrO2

51-52 %
46-48 %

Thermal conductivity at 400 oC 0.102 W/m.K
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