Glass fibre mesh coated with PTFE

Glass fibre mesh coated with teflon (PTFE) is used for transportation of products via very efficient air distribution systems allowing optimisation of moisture elimination.

Often used in UV and infra-red ray dryers, as the mesh highly shortens the drying period.

Scope of application:

Glass fibre mesh coated with teflon (PTFE) is used for drying of printed products such as printed stands of window-cases, T-shirts, glass or mass production paper printing. Such dryers are normally adapted for drying with UV and infra-red rays, or hot air.

Such mesh is also used for drying cornflakes, non-woven clothes, charcoal, carpets, and mats, and printed circuit boards.

Characteristics and advantages:

Glass fibre fabric coated with teflon (PTFE) - it is a lightweight and cost-efficient, thus it is easy to control, plus it is cheaper in comparison to wire, replacement of which may be complicated. It is often delivered with metal zipper for easy removal of such belts, thus diminishing downtimes and saving money.


  • Operating temperature: from -73 oC to +260 oC;
  • Chemically non-active;
  • Resistant to UV and infra-red rays, microwave and radio frequencies;
  • Suitable for food (JAV FDA Certificate);
  • Non-sticky surface;
  • Lightweight and cost-efficient.


  • Width: up to 5 metres;
  • Length: unlimited (according to dimensions indicated by the customer);
  • Mesh cells: 4 x 4 mm.
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