Classic wrapped V-belt

German "Contitech" and American "Carlisle" – these are the highest quality mature trademarks for transmission belts. Till now well known brand "Roulunds" became "Agridur". Although brand name the new - the highest quality remained the same.
All belts feature extreme flexibility, resistance to temperature changes and petroleum products, furthermore, they are anti-static (comply with standard ISO-1813).

Classic wrapped V-belts are widely used both on industrial installations and agricultural machinery such as combines, tractors, lawnmowers, and similar.

These belts are designed for operation in conventional gears.


Raw-edge V-belts

Raw-edge V-belts are most commonly used on industrial installations featuring high rpms.

Design of these belts provide them with higher flexibility, if compared to classic trapezoidal belts, thus they may be used on relatively smaller diameter pulleys.


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