Flat PVC hoses with textile cord

Flat flexible hose is produced from plasticised PVC with internal polyester fibre reinforcement. It complies with standards ISO 8029 and ISO 7751.


  • Non-toxic, though not suitable for use in contact with food.
  • Internal reinforcement of the hose by using textile allows withstanding of average operating pressure.
  • Flat structure of this hose facilitates control: easy to wind-up and it does not occupy lots of space.
  • Very flexible, permeable, and lightweight.
  • Recommended temperature for use: from -10 °C to +60 °C.

Scope of application:

Irrigation and common transportation of water, waste water, and other liquid non-foodstuffs. Often used as fire-fighting hose.

Available diameters:

Diameter (internal x external, mm) Length (m) Operating pressure (Bar)
50x54.4 100 8
63x67.4 100 7
75x79.8 100 7
100x104.8 100 6
125x130 100 6
150x156 50 4
200x206 50 2,5

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