Adhesives Permabond

Permabond - it is high quality adhesives designed for gluing plastics, rubbers, and metals.

After correct selection of type of adhesives and preparation of the surface to be glued, it is also possible to glue together such problematic materials as fluoroplast, polyethylene, polypropylene, and silicone rubber.

Permabond 792 (20 ml) features low viscosity and quick hardening. It particularly suits for quick gluing of small parts. Viscosity is similar to of oils, thus it may be easily used straight from the bottle. It is suitable for gluing plastic, rubber, metal, paper, cards, or leather.

Permabond 737 (20 ml) - it is black coloured cast cyanoacrylate that ensures maximum flexibility and features high strength. It features wide scope of application: for gluing aluminium, steel (galvanised and non-galvanised), plastics, and rubber. Also it features thermal resistance.

Permabond 2011 Gel (20 ml) - it perfectly suits for gluing porous materials due to its non-drip characteristics. It suits for quick gluing, thus it is often applied for gluing vertical surfaces. Available for use within interval from 30 oC to 85 oC.

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