Polyamide-imide (PAI)

Polyamide-imide – it is especially high-quality engineering plastic that features particularly good mechanic, thermal, and chemical characteristics. Chemical name – PAI. This plastic retains rigidity and mechanical strength even under a temperature of up to +275 oC.

PAI features both polyamide and polyimide characteristics: high mechanical strength, thermal capacitance, chemical resistance, and workability when finishing it.


  • Particularly high thermal stability.
  • Long-term assurance of mechanical characteristics (resistance, rigidity) even under up to +275 oC.
  • Stability of hardness and minimum thermal expansion coefficient both in a cryogenic environment and under up to +275 oC.
  • Particularly high resistance to wear.
  • Chemically resistant to strong acids and most of the organic solvents.
  • Fire resistant (non-flammable).
  • Exceptional durability under hard weather conditions.
  • Retains threshold thermal, chemical conditions, limit loads.
  • Colour: black, brown.

Technical data:

  • Density - 1.41g/cm3
  • Operating temperature: -250oC - +275 oC
  • Reaction to fire class: V0 (UL 94)


  • Sheets - according to the order
  • Rods - according to the order

*PAI plastic is not warehoused, it may be delivered only on special orders.

The scope of application:

PAI plastic is used in industries of aviation, wheeled motor vehicles, electricity, semiconductors, coatings, and gas for production of semiconductors and their test equipment, petroleum and gas extraction equipment, bearing retainers, gears, sleeves, sealants, and supporting washers.

The following is produced: technical equipment, braces in aviation, transfer and tensioning components, various coatings, parts of electric engines.

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