Polyamide (PA)

Polyamide - it is one of engineering plastics most commonly used in mechanics, it is also called as caprolone or nylon. Chemical name - PA. This plastic is easy to finish mechanically and widely used instead of bronze, brass, aluminium, and steel in various industries and agriculture.


  • Rigid, resistant to high loads, features good mechanical characteristics.
  • Low friction coefficient, resistant to lubricants, salts, alkalis, and lamp oil.
  • It absorbs moisture (under environmental conditions, up to 3 %, while immersed into water - up to 8 %), thus it is not recommended for use in water as this may impose changes in dimensions.
  • Easy mechanical workability.
  • Density - 1.15 g/cm3.
  • Operating temperature:
    • Extruded polyamide (PA 6): from -40 oC to +85 oC;
    • Casted polyamide (PA 6 G): from -40 oC to +110 oC.
  • PA6 is softer, if to be compared to PA 6G, though it is more ductile and impact resistant.
  • PA6 G is harder and stronger than PA6.
  • Colour:
    • Natural (whitish).
    • Black (with molybdenum disulfide MoS2 or with glass fibre additives, thus improving surface slippage characteristics (MoS2), hardness, durability, and etc.).
    • Yellow (self-lubricating, with lubricant additive).
    • Other (depending on additives).
  • Production of polyamide with graphite, glass fillers even more highlights separate advantageous properties of this material.

Scope of application:

  • Motor vehicles, metallurgy, petroleum processing, energetics, chemistry, food, plumbing and water supply fittings, ship building and repair, agriculture and other industries, production of various parts. Gears, pulleys, sleeves, bearing inserts, rings, screws, wheels, rope rollers, stamps, valves, pistons, lids, plugs, blades, screw shafts, bearings, star-gears, and etc. are produced.
  •  Ship building and repair: it is used for production of drive and cardan-shafts, steering wheel and other mechanical bearings, and rope rollers. Including production of these mechanisms and parts: valves, pulleys, plugs, valve gaskets and lids, and sealing rings.
  • Petroleum industry: it is used for production of inserts for drilling installations, bearings for various pumps, vacuum filter gratings, and etc.
  • Energetics: it is used for production of bearings, pumps, various screw shafts, turbine inserts, and other parts.
  • Metallurgy: PA-6 is used for production of parts for milling machines.
  • Scope of application of polyamide in food industry is extremely wide. Star-gears, roller supports, screw shafts, gears, sleeve bearings, stamps, formation drums, and etc. parts are produced for bottling lines, transporters, labelling machines, and other installations.

Dimensions: Polyamide PA 6

  Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Diameter Ø (mm)
Sheets 1-100 620; 1000 2000; 3000 -
Bars - - 1000; 3000 5-200
Sleeves - - 1000; 3000 External: 18-160
Internal: 10-100
Films 0,20 - 1,50  1000 Roller -


Dimensions: Polyamide PA 6 G

  Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Diameter Ø (mm)
Sheets    6-160 1000; 1250 2000; 2500  
Blocks 120-300 600 1000  
Bars - - 1000; 3000 PA 6 G: 50-500
PA 6 GC: 16-45
Sleeves - - 1000; 2000 External: 50-1070
Internal: 25-950

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