Polyetherimide (PEI)

Polyetherimide – it is engineering plastic featuring mechanical strength, the stability of dimensions and well-interbalanced chemical and thermal characteristics (may be used up to +170oC). Chemical name – PEI.

This plastic is resistant to deformations (especially to the action of rotational force), thus it is sufficiently cost-beneficial to use this plastic instead of small mechanically produced steel parts. Polyetherimide may be produced with glass fibre additive (up to 30 %), as it provides this plastic with higher hardness, rigidity, mechanical and thermal strength, and stability of dimensions.


  • Fire resistant (non-flammable);
  • Flueless;
  • Features mechanical strength, rigidity, and hardness, even at various temperatures;
  • Easy mechanical workability;
  • May be formed by heat treatment;
  • Sufficiently good adhesive characteristics;
  • May be welded;
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient;
  • Ensure stability of dimensions, even at high temperatures;
  • Good electro-insulation and dielectric characteristics;
  • Resistant to gamma radiation;
  • Resistant to multiple sterilizations;
  • Particularly high resistance to water and steam, mineral oils, petrol, and alcohol;
  • Chemically non-resistant to aromatic solvents, ketones, certain hydrocarbons, other solvents, e. g., methylene chloride;
  • Colour: PEI - yellowish (amber), PEI with glass fibre additive - grey (black).

Technical data:

  • Density - 1.27 g/cm3;
  • Operating temperature: from -50 oC to +170 oC;
  • Short-term operating temperature +210 oC (PPS);
  • Reaction to fire class: V0 (UL 94).



Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Diameter, Ø (mm)









1,220; 2,440


*PEI plastic is not warehoused, it is delivered only on special orders.

The scope of application:

PEI plastic is used, if fire-resistance and mechanical rigidity are required.

The industry of electrics and electronics: for high voltage housings, insulators, microwave oven parts, plug-in adapters, terminal, and fuses.

Medicinal industry: for adapters, instrument handles, probes.

Aviation: for finishing of passenger saloons, panels.

Production of wheeled motor vehicles: components of motor vehicle bonnets, jet engines.

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