Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene - it is lightweight structural plastic classified under polyolefine group according to its chemical composition. It is lightweight, rigid, unsinkable plastic that does not break even at low temperatures; it is resistant to various chemical substances and recommended to be fastened mechanically as it does not adhere. Chemical name – PE.


  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, salts, corrosion, impacts, breaks, abrasion, and friction.
  • Does not absorb moisture, light-conducting.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Easy to weld (PE 300), scratch-resistant (PE 500), features very good surface slippage characteristics and resistance to abrasion (PE 1000, PE 8000).
  • Non-hazardous, hygienic, may be used in contact with foodstuffs and drinking water.
  • Resistant to impacts, retains elasticity even at low temperatures.
  • Density: 0.96 g/cm3.
  • Water absorption: less than 0.01 %.
  • Volume resistance: (1012-1014) Om/cm.
  • Colour: natural (white), black, green, red, blue, yellow, marble, confetti, and others.

Polyethylene is distinguished according to:



Molecular weight, g/mol

Operating temperature, ˚C

Short-term operating temperature, ˚C

PE 300 (PE HD)

High density, general purpose

0.3 x 106

- 50 ÷ +80 ºC

-100 ÷ +100 ºC

PE 500 (PE HMW)

High molecular weight

0.5 x 106

-100 ÷ +80 ºC

-100 ÷ +100 ºC

PE 1000 (PE UHMW)

PE 1000R

Very slippery and with low friction coefficient

3 - 9 x 106

-250 ÷ +80 ºC

-150 ÷ +80 ºC

-250 ÷ +130 ºC

-150 ÷ +130 ºC

PE 8000 (PE UHMW)

Extremely high molecular weight

over 9 x 106

-200 ÷ +80 ºC

-200 ÷ +130 ºC

This plastic features wide scope of application depending on the type:

PE 300 - it is a general purpose plastic that is used for waste water treatment plants, for production of various tanks, water slides, petroleum and chemical receptacles, shelves, partitions, and for bottling industry, including production of snow arena guard rails, playgrounds, supporting / guard bars, security systems for motorcycles, quadricycles, motor vehicles, and etc. It is easy to weld or form by heat treatment. 

PE 500 - it is harder, more rigid and abrasion resistant plastic in comparison to PE 300, thus it is used for production of protective partitions, shields, impact-resistant doors in production and storage premises, cutting boards, butcher blocks, various table tops in food industry, and inventories of sports parks.

PE 1000 - it is plastic with high abrasion resistance and especially good surface slippage characteristics. It is used for production of guiding bars, tracks for chain units, various sliding parts, screws, star-gears, pulleys, blades, coatings of various tanks for protection against abrasive materials, e. g., crop elevators, surfaces of coal hoppers, and dispensers. 

PE 1000R - it is polyethylene, composition of which contains up to 20 % of recycled secondary raw material, what makes this plastic cheaper, in comparison with PE 1000. This type of plastic is a bit harder, though retains all features characteristic to PE 1000. Scope of application matches that of PE 1000.

PE 8000 - it is polyethylene with improved surface slippage characteristics and durability. It is used for production of guiding bands, sliding elements below chains and conveyor belts. Also for production of containers for bulk materials, dispensers, hooper coatings protecting against aggressive abrasive materials.



Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Diameter, Ø


1-50 (PE 300)

1-120 (PE 500, PE 1000, PE 8000)

1,000; 1,250

1,500; 2,000

 2,000; 3,000

 4,000; 6,000 (PE 300)






10-300 (PE 300)

10-250 (PE 1000)


We also offer PE welding electrodes: 

  • Round: 3 mm; 4 mm
  • Triangle: 5 mm x 3.2 mm; 5.7 mm x 3.8 mm; 7 mm x 4 mm

Polyethylene sheets may be delivered with various additives providing special characteristics such as antistaticness, electric conductivity, improved friction coefficient, UV resistance, reaction to fire, heat, antimicrobialness, and other characteristics, if ordered on special order. Polyethylene designed for production of inventories for playgrounds may be constructed from several layers, colours and include a textured surface (e. g., pattern of orange peel).

Polyethylene PE 1000 (of natural, green, black colour) may be delivered in various profiles: Z, L, T, U, C shaped, brace, pipe, square shaped profiles; tapes in reels, guiding or special profiles.

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