Polyimide (PI)

Polyimide – especially high quality engineering plastic retaining very good mechanical, electrical and thermal characteristics, stability of dimensions under long-term high temperatures and high loads. Chemical name – PI. This plastic does not go soft even at temperature of up to +350 oC.


  • Particularly high thermal stability;
  • Fire resistant (non-flammable);
  • Extremely durable;
  • High mechanical strength within the whole temperature interval;
  • Features good cryogenic characteristics;
  • Minimum thermal expansion coefficient;
  • Minimum thermal conductivity;
  • Particularly good resistance to wear, even under high pressure and sliding speed;
  • High resistance to deformations;
  • Resistant to radiation;
  • Material of especially high purity;
  • Very low gas permeability in vacuum;
  • Chemically resistant to acids, fats, and solvents;
  • Good electro-insulation characteristics;
  • Colour: brown.

Technical data:

  • Density - 1.43 g/cm3
  • Operating temperature: -270 oC - +300 oC
  • Reaction to fire class: V0 (UL 94)


Sheets - according to the order
Rods - according to the order

*PI plastic is not warehoused, it may be delivered only on special orders.

Scope of application:

PI plastic is used for production of precision (of very accurate dimensions) components and small-scale parts, in order to ensure production profitability, e. g., for production of welding head.

Commonly used in aviation, wheeled motor vehicles, glass, textile industries, in plasma arc and laser beam welding technologies.

Bearing disks, wear rings, bearing sleeves, pistons and axial sealing rings, hot glass grabs, sliding bearings, chain sleeves, valve seats, friction rings, and insulators are produced.

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