Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl chloride - it is a rigid, sufficiently heavy structural plastic, commonly called according to the letters of its chemical name – PVC. This plastic is quite widely spread and earlier was well-known as Viniplast.

 PVC plastic is classified under two types: 

a) PVC-U – non-plasticised PVC (rigid); 

b) PVC-P – plasticised PVC (flexible).

PVC-U is the most commonly used type in our country. PVC plastic is highly popular due to its chemical stability, and high resistance to different aggressive chemical media. It features good adhesive characteristics (it glues well), it is easy to bend after heating, form by heat treatment, and it may be welded by using PVC electrodes. Plastic is sufficiently resistant to impacts, it does not break upon bending but a white line appears at the place of bending.

Depending on the type, PVC may be:

  • Opaque surface with lead stabilisers – Trovidur EN;
  • Opaque surface with tin stabilisers – Trovidur EC;
  • Transparent, with blue tint, with a protective film – Trovidur ET;
  • White, of glossy surface and resistant to UV rays – Trovidur ESA-D;
  • Suitable for use in contact with food products – Trovidur NL;
  • Suitable for use at higher temperature – Trovidur PHT (PVC-C chlorinated) and other types.


  • Resistant to highly concentrated acids (sulphur, salt, nitrogen) and gas;
  • Resistant to alkalis (caustic soda), salt solutions, corrosion, moulds, and other chemical substances;
  • Sufficiently resistant to pressure;
  • Does not absorb moisture;
  • Reduces noise;
  • It is easy to finish both mechanically and to cut, bend, or glue;
  • Non-flammable, after withdrawal of fire source it self-extinguishes;
  • Good electro-insulation characteristics;
  • Colour: grey (RAL 7011, RAL6705), light grey (231), transparent, white, red, black, ivory, green, and others.

Technical data:

  • Density – 1.47 g/cm3, (1.38-1.40) g/cm3 (transparent);
  • Operating temperature:
    • -15 oC - +60 oC (Trovidur EN);
    • -30 oC - +60 oC (Trovidur ESA-D);
    • -10 oC - +55 oC (Trovidur ET).
  • Reaction to fire class:
    • B1 (DIN 4102);
    • V0 (UL 94).

Scope of application:

It is a structural material for mounting of chemical receptacles, containers, protective coatings; it is used in galvanics, electrolysis, water desalination systems, water and waste water treatment companies; for production of installations for ventilators and ventilation systems; for parts formed by heat treatment (panels, components of bearing structures, rims, and etc.). It is used for production of doors, windows, window sills, sandwich components; for advertising: for stands, printing, and serigraphy; for various furniture parts; it is widely used in wheel motor vehicle and construction industries; for equipment of clean premises.



Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Diameter, Ø (mm)

Sheets (extruded)


1,000; 1,500

2,000; 3,000


Sheets (pressed)



1,000; 2,000





1,000; 2,000


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