Glass-fibre fabric impregnated with latex (glass-reinforced plastic in reels) RST-250L

Glass-reinforced plastic RST-250L – it is a flexible material produced in reel. It is of grey colour. It is produced of glass-fibre fabric impregnated with latex.

Glass-reinforced plastic in reels is employed as thermal insulation surface layer for pipework, their fittings, different structure, technological equipment, and similar. Furthermore, it is employed as a protection layer for thermal insulation of different equipment, pipework at all weather conditions: indoor, outdoors, or underground.

Material RST-250L is hardly flammable, it also features high resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents, including long service life, relatively low price, and operating range from - 40 oC to + 60 oC.


  • Hardly flammable, retardant material;
  • Water resistant;
  • Grey colour;
  • Density: 250g/m.


  • Thickness: 0.24 mm;
  • Width of the reel ranges from 1,000 mm to 1,270 mm,
  • Length – 100 m.

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