Hallow pin chains

Many ELITE hollow pin chains are constructed to the dimensions of standard ISO 606. Since customer requirements are so diverse, the ELITE product range has also been adapted to include various versions of this chain type. 

Industries and applications

  • Conveyor technology
  • Food industry
  • Bakery industry
  • Chip conveyor technology
  • Wire technology and much more besides 

Hollow pin roller chains

Hollow pin roller chains feature links of similar design to those in DIN ISO roller chains; as they also consist of a pin, bush and small roller, most hollow pin chains of this type likewise fit the same sprockets as corresponding DIN chains.

Hollow pin bush chains

There is a specific technical reason why small rollers are not fitted to hollow pin bush chains: this design modification permits the inner diameter of hollow pins to be made larger and thicker axles can be fitted as a consequence. This change is often made at the expense of lower breaking strength and increased sprocket wear.

Bushless hollow pin roller chains

Hollow pin roller chains without bushes are constructed on the principle: the link bearing is situated between a pin and outer plate, resulting in an extremely small bearing area. This offers the advantage of high breaking strength and hollow pins with large inner diameter.

We offer hallow pin chains according to ISO 606 British (BS) and American (ANSI) standard: 10BHB, 12BHB, 16BHBF1, 60HB, HB38,1, HB38,1F1, HB50,8, HB63, 08BHP, 40HP, 50HP, 60HP, 60HPF, 80HPF, 08BPF1, 10BHPF1, 10BHPF2, 12BHPF1, 16BHPF1, 50HPF1, 60HPF2, 60HPF3 and etc.

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