Leaf chains

ELITE leaf chains are used wherever loads must be lifted, hoisted or pulled and high fatigue strength is crucial to function and safety. The most common use of ELITE leaf chains is In forklift truck masts, but they are also used as counterbalance chains in machine tools, as draw bench chains or in container pallet jacks.

Unlike roller chains, leaf chains have very high fatigue strength values, since they consist only of pins and plates. High fatigue strength is gained at the expense of wear resistance because leaf chains do not have the classic pin and bush bearings common to other chains.

Industries and applications

  • Forklift trucks
  • Lifting devices
  • Machine tools
  • Steelmaking industry
  • Container pallet jacks and much more besides.

We offer leaf chains according to ISO 606 British (BS) and American (ANSI) standard: LH, BL, LL, AL series


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