Polyester PET-A

APET (PET-A) – refers to transparent sheets characterised by high transparency, shock resistance and resistance to various chemicals.

Polyester was firstly used in fibre production in 1940. Later it was widely used in production of plastic bottles and nowadays it is more and more used in form of sheets.

APET (PET-A) refers to unmodified polyethylene terephthalate.


  • High permeability of light coefficient (89 %);
  • High shock resistance;
  • May be easily processed (cold and hot bending etc.);
  • Exceptional chemical resistance;
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient.


  • Thickness: 0.6 - 5 mm;
  • Width: 1250 mm or 2050 mm;
  • Length: 2050 mm or 3050 mm;
  • Colours: transparent, white.


  • Protection of posters;
  • Price tags;
  • Production of various cases.

Anti-reflective PET-A is polyester with single sided matt surface. This surface protects from reflections, but maintains its high permeability of light coefficient (transparency). This plastic is more scratch resistant.

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