Silicone rubber (VMQ)

Silicone rubber (VMQ) features flexibility, elasticity, treacliness, and resistance to various chemical compounds. It may be used for work under high temperatures (in case of short-term temperature: up to 220 oC).

Silicone rubber is very clean and is used in many food and medical applications as it does not impart odor or taste. Silicone compounds are not recommended for dynamic O-ring sealing applications due to relatively low tear strength and a high friction coefficient.

Various gaskets, sealants, lids used under high and low temperatures are produced from silicone rubber. It may also be used for outdoor applications. Non-toxic (suitable for contact with food), durable, anti-static. VMQ is resistant to hot air, ozone, UV-radiation, engine and transmission oils, animal and vegetable fats and oils, brake fluids.

Dimensions of rubber:

  • Thickness: 1-12 mm
  • Roller width: 1,200/1,500 mm
  • Length: 5,000/10,000 mm

Technical data:

  • Hardness: 55-60 Sh
  • Density: 1.2-1.3 g/cm3
  • Tension resistance: 6 MPa
  • Relative elongation: 300%
  • Thermal resistance: from -50 oC to +180 oC (in case of short-term temperature: +220 oC)

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