Glass fibre rope

Fiberglass products are also commonly used as gasket, seal, packing and protection material, but with a lower temperature rating than ceramic fiber products . Fiberglass textile products are manufactured from high temperature texturized fiberglass continuous filament yarns. All products are textured to have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties for applications.

Glass fibre rope is sealing and insulating material, designed for sealing of cleaning holes of various fireplaces, ovens and boilers. It is also suitable for sealing doors of various solid fuel boilers. Perfectly replaces asbestos ropes.

Intended use: for doors of ovens, fireplaces, for flanges, in metal and steel industry.

Operating temperature: 425 °C

Max temperature:  550 °C

pH: 0 - 14

Square section: 4 to 60 mm

Rectangular section: 16 x 10 mm, 20 x 6 mm, 40 x 60 mm

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