PTFE sealing tape

PTFE sealing tape is inorganic sealing tape made of 100 % pure PTFE (fluoroplast). Due to unique fluoroplast treatment technology, it features micropore structure. Unique process converts PTFE to a microporous fibrous structure, resulting in a sealant tape with an unsurpassed combination of mechanical and chemical properties. PTFE tape with self-adhesive has easy fixing onto the sealing surface.


Due to high chemical and mechanical resistance, this sealing tape practically does not have analogues. To facilitate mounting, the tape is coated with adhesive in one side.

pH 0-14
Temperature -200 oC to +260 oC
Density 0,65 g/m3
Application All types of flanges
Chemical resistance Resistant to all media, except for molten alkaline metals and pure fluorine at 150 oC and 40 bar.
Ageing Exploiting in the limits of the allowable use of this material, does not age.
Storage time Unlimited
Precautions In case of normal use, no precautions
Odour Odourless
Colour White

Intended use: for sealing of flange joints, often instead of an usual flat gasket. Particularly used for large diameter flanges when cutting flat gasket is quite difficult. PTFE tape is especially suitable for sealing flange connections, pipe systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc. In addition, it’s also ideal for seals in glass,enamel and plastic flanges, vessels and special shaped sealing surface.


Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Flange dimensions (mm)
5 2 150
7 2,5 450
10 3 800
12 4 1500
14 5 > 1500
15 4 > 1500
17 6 > 1500
20 7 > 1500

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