Sealing material FUM

Sealing material FUM is made of 100% PTFE (fluoroplast) and is round, square or in form of tape. Used as self-lubricating sealing and insulating material. The main advantage of fum-tape is its good performance, among which we can highlight the plasticity, non-toxic, high strength, chemical and thermal resistance as well as high-quality anti-corrosion.The main purpose of fum-tape is the sealing of threaded, flanged and nipple connections in process pipelines, networks of hot and cold water and a variety of engineering systems.


  • Easy and convenient mounting;
  • High heat and chemical resistance;
  • Various packing possibilities;
  • Unlimited expiry date;
  • Operating temperature: from -60 °С to + 200 °С;
  • Thickness: 0.1 mm;
  • Width: 20, 30 mm;
  • Bears pressure up to 2.5 MPa;
  • pH: 0 - 14 (including strong oxidants).

Intended use:

  • Sealing of pipework threads (including plumbing);
  • Sealing of threads of food, chemical, construction and other industry equipment (where liquids are used), when working pressure does not reach 2.5 Mpa.

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