Glass fibre fabric

Glass fibre fabric - it is a woven material made of various thickness glass fibres. Glass fabric is designed for thermal insulation in various industries. Wide range of weave patterns provide a possibility for the end-user to choose the best performance characteristics of the material, economy and flexibility.


  • Stability: glass fibre is a structural material retaining a stable form. Glass fibre does not elongate or shrink under extremely high or low temperature. Biggest elongation till break is up to 4.8 %.
  • Does not absorb moisture, does not change physically or chemically under the action of water.
  • Ratio of high strength and minimum weight.
  • Resistance to fire: non-flammable and does not support burning. It retains roughly 25 % of its initial strength at temperature of 540 °C.
  • Operating temperature: up to +550 °C.
  • Good thermal conductivity.
  • Density: 0.18 g/cm3.

Scope of application:

Glass fibre fabric is the best choice for insulation of lids of pipes, flanges and valves, for expansion joints and thermal panels. It is also used for production of common and non-standard welding and furnace curtains, emergency fire-fighting and rescue wraps.


Roller width: 1,000 mm

Glass fibre fabric with aluminium film 

It is a woven material, one side of which is covered with aluminium film. Temperature threshold: up to +500 °C.

Scope of application: it is used for insulation of piping and flues against harmful effect of materials.


Thickness: 0.2 mm

Roller width: 1,000 mm

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