Delivery hoses for foodstuffs

High quality rubber hoses are designed for transportation of liquid foodstuffs: e. g., drinking water, milk, diary products, juice, alcoholic beverages, alcohol concentration of which is no higher than 96 %, including foodstuffs, acidity of which is no higher than 4.5 pH. Operating pressure: 10-25 bar (1-2.5 MPa).

Operating temperature: from -30 °C till + 70 °C, if periodically rinsing with hot water or steam, - up to 140 °C.

Interior: EPDM rubber, smooth, white.

Reinforcement: textile.

Coating: EPDM/SBR rubber, blue.

Available diameters:

Diameter (internal x external, mm)  Length (m) Operating pressure (Bar)
12.5x23.5 20 25
16x26.6 20 25
20x30.6 20 20
25x35.6 20 20
31.5x42.5 20 15
38x49.6 20 12
50x62 20 10

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