Delivery hoses for petroleum products

Rubber hoses are designed for transfer of engine fuel (petrol, diesel, bio-diesel, bio-ethanol), when operating pressure varies from 10 to 16 bars. They are produced according to standard PN-EN 1360 that ensures chemical resistance of the hose. 

Operating temperature: from -30 oC to +100 oC.

Interior: NBR black rubber, resistant to oils and lubricants, including fuel, composition of which contains up to 15 % of oxygen compounds.

Reinforcement: intermediate layers are reinforced by textile mesh or synthetic sutures. 

Coating: black rubber, resistant to fuel, weather conditions and friction, non-electrostatic.

Available diameters:

Diameter (internal x external, mm)  Length (m)  Operating pressure (Bar)
6.3x12 50 16
8x15 50 16
10x17 50 16
12.5x19 50 16
16x26 20 16
18x27 50 16
20x30 20 16
25x35 20 16
31.5x45  20 16
38x52  20 16
50x64 20 16

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